Meet the Team

Our Approach

While many focus on selling pre-packaged solutions like websites or funnels, we at Brands on Beat believe in a more holistic approach. We introduce growth plans tailored to where your business currently stands.

We aim to build a systematic foundation that resonates with your passion, vision, strengths, and audience connection points. Whether you're a natural speaker, an aspiring author, or a passionate trainer, we ensure that your audience feels your brand's heartbeat.

Our Mission

At Brands on Beat, our mission is simple yet profound: to be the strategic partner for coaches, consultants, and online businesses. We're not just here to offer services; we're here to journey with you, ensuring that your brand's rhythm is always in sync with your vision.

Our Vision

Harmony: We believe in the power of blending passion with strategy.

Integrity: We commit to genuine, transparent partnerships.

Innovation: We continuously seek fresh, impactful ways to elevate brands.

What Sets Us Apart

"Your Passion Leads; Our Strategy Supports." This is our mantra. At Brands on Beat, we recognize the unique rhythm of each brand and work diligently to ensure that this rhythm is amplified through strategic interventions.

Meet the Team

Cassie J

The anchor of our ship, handling administration and ensuring smooth operations.

Jade E

Our creative genius specializing in web and graphic design.

Gabrielle A

The wordsmith, managing content creation and editing to perfection.

The Origin of Rhythm in Branding

With over 25 years of experience in graphic design, web design, business, and brand consulting, our founder, Tina Fletcher, noticed a significant gap in the online business landscape. Many businesses, while passionate and driven, lacked a harmonious blend of passion and strategy. This observation led to the birth of Brands on Beat, a concept that emphasizes the importance of harmonizing one's innate passion with a solid, actionable strategy.

Looking Ahead

Our vision for the future is clear: Collaborating with passionate individuals and businesses, helping them create brands and legacies. Remember, your brand's heartbeat is unique. It's the rhythm that distinguishes you. And when harmonized with the right strategy, you're not just building a brand but crafting a legacy. So, find your beat, make it resonate, and if ever you need a partner on this journey, Brands on Beat is here, ensuring your brand's heartbeat remains vibrant and unwavering.